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Foster Homes

Find foster homes based on animal types and availability, mark animals as available to foster, and let fosters manage their animals online.

Comprehensive Intake

Take in individual animals or litters quickly and easily, print documents, upload photos, and set up intake templates that allow you to show or hide data-entry items.

Quick and Easy Adoption

Speed through adoptions with automated processes that include signature forms and automatic receipt creation. Store saved documents and forms and print or e-mail them to anyone anytime.

Volunteer Management

Create your own volunteer application and look up volunteers by interest or activity. Clock-in and clock-out links log all volunteer hours.

Donations With Real-Time Payment Tracking

Collect one-time or subscription-based donations and track payment status in real time using your own categories and amounts.

Animal Sponsorship

Set up sponsorships with automatically tallied expenses (medical or other) for any animal and collect donations until you reach your goal.

Scheduling and Reminders

All due items (vet visits, vaccinations, medications, transfers, and more) are automatically added to the calendar, and reminders are prominently displayed so that nothing gets missed.

Your Forms, Your Way

Create your own adoption, volunteer, and foster forms, and have new submissions automatically e-mailed to anyone. You can also collect form-processing fees and auto-assign new forms to one or more employees or volunteers for handling.

Current Inventory and Batch Updates

Comprehensive current inventory reports show you which animals are where and let you perform batch operations on selected animals: vaccinate, print documents or animal history reports, add or remove adoption approvals, change location, and more.

Robust Reporting

Hundreds of reports are included, including visual charts and graphs that can be saved and displayed to the public. Or create your own using our Report Designers – no specialized knowledge necessary.

Comprehensive Medical

Vaccinations, medications with dose history, vet appointments, and surgeries can be scheduled with your on-site clinic or third-party veterinarians. All upcoming items are automatically added to the calendar, complete history is retained, and medical history reports can be printed or e-mailed to anyone, anytime. You can even use an hourly scheduler to create appointments and ensure that a veterinarian is scheduled to work during those times.

Maddie's Fund, Petfinder, RescueGroups, Petlink, and FoundAnimals

Increase adoptions with hourly feeds to Petfinder and, create and display Maddie's Fund monthly and yearly Shelter Counts, and auto-register microchips with Petlink or FoundAnimals.

Adoption Center

Comprehensive adoption information at your fingertips: animals available and becoming available, applications submitted, pending and recent adoptions, animals at temporary adoption locations (like Petco), animals requested by the public, adoption fees collected, and daily/weekly/monthly/yearly statistics.

Custom Public Web Site Included

Create your own clean, simple, and responsive public Web site with unlimited custom Web pages. Works great with any device: computer, phone, or tablet! Or bring in content to your existing site using our RSS feeds or HTML.

Works on All Devices

All of our software can be used on phones, tablets, laptops, and full-size computers. No limits EVER on devices, users, or data.

Data Downloads

Download adoptable animals, contact and mailing lists, medical history, scheduling items, and more from almost anywhere in the system.

Track People and Companies, Too

Keep tabs on adopters, veterinarians, staff/volunteers, and fosters with DO NOT ADOPT lists, associated people and companies (relatives, employers), and co-guardians for animals. See a person or company's full history with your organization: adoptions, fosters, receipts, and much more. Download e-mail lists or full contact data anytime.