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Secure, web-based & Mobile-Friendly Software for Pet Licensing Agencies
Public online license and renewal purchase

Public Online License & Renewal Purchase

With LicenseTrack, the public can purchase or renew licenses online - anywhere, anytime, on any device. Payments are collected at the time of purchase and payment status is tracked in real time.
Renewal processing

Renewal Processing Has Never Been Easier

LicenseTrack provides error-checking, batch mailing and e-mailing, custom documents for renewals and past-due notices, and automatic nightly renewal e-mails to your clients. Download lists of upcoming renewals for review anytime.
Experience and service

Experience & Service

With 20-plus years in business, we know licensing. Whether your needs are simple or complex, you will always receive friendly, competent help for questions, walk-throughs, and staff training - anytime.

LicenseTrack Feature Highlights

Online Purchase and Renewal
Your customers can make purchases and renew their licenses online with new or existing pets. And with a password-protected account, they can also view their transactions and print their receipts right from their browsers.

Flexible Fee Calculation
LicenseTrack offers a multitude of options for calculating fees: species, animal age, breeds, geographical criteria such as city, jurisdiction, or county, and even user-defined questions that trigger automatic fee changes. Issue annual, biannual, or fixed-term licenses, and prorate fees based on rabies expiration date (optional). Assign late fees (with grace period) and replacement fees, prorate fees, and offer discounts or fee-free licenses to seniors, disabled persons, and service animals. License fees, online payment fees, and sales tax are calculated and applied automatically, whether a license is being purchased online by the public or issued by your staff. On the back end, you can split fees collected among one or more G/L numbers and export your financial data for use with systems like QuickBooks.

Online Purchase and Renewal With Real-Time Payment Tracking
Your customers can purchase and renew their licenses online with fees that are automatically calculated so the process is quick and streamlined. You can also provide basic user accounts, so your customers can view activity and renew their licenses online. You can even include one-click renewal links in your custom renewal correspondence.

Vaccination and Spay/Neuter Requirements and Compliance
If your organization requires proof of spay/neuter or current rabies vaccination, these requirements can be enforced by having visitors enter veterinarian details or upload a file containing proof. Update vaccination information anytime.

Automatic Renewal Processing
Use LicenseTrack's data-checker to ensure that you're only sending renewal notices to valid recipients. Design your own documents for renewal notices and past-due letters, and send via mail or e-mail, including LicenseTrack's automatic nightly e-mailing program. All correspondence is automatically logged, and batch validation lets you know if there are issues (like changes of address) that need to be handled prior to sending.

Track Inventory
LicenseTrack's inventory system includes order placement, invoicing, and receiving (to one or multiple locations), auto-numbering or manufacturer-supplied sequential or non-sequential unit numbering, serial/part/unit/control/lot numbers, multiple inventory locations, restock reporting, and shrinkage.

Robust Reporting and Search Capability
We have a report for that! ShelterTrack includes many standard reports, hundreds of charts and graphs, and custom report designers that let you easily return just the data you want, in the format you need. Our "Super Search" screens have hundreds of parameters you can use to locate the records in your system (animals, people, licenses), and you can download the results to Excel spreadsheets.

Data Downloads
Download license/renewal and animal lists, contact and mailing information, and more from almost anywhere in the system. You can even design your own search results and download that data!

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