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Refer others and get your software
at no cost - or even get paid!

We know our clients (and others) refer organizations to us for rescue and shelter software, so we thought, hey, why not reward them for it?

Here's how it works:

  • For each referral you make, you earn 5% of the referred organization's monthly fee. For example, if you refer a group who chooses ShelterTrack Basic at $99/month, $5 of their monthly fee is credited back to your account.

  • Once the referral is made, your job is done! You will continue to receive the 5% monthly as long as the referred organization uses the software.

  • Make a few referrals and you will not only be able to get our software for free, you may even get paid to use it. This could turn into a great ongoing fundraiser for your organization – with zero effort!

RescueConnection Software
RescueConnection Software
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We do not charge you for adoptions or additional users, harvest your data, or ask your clients to purchase anything from us.