Mobile Animal Rescue Software (MARS)
Just $14.99/month: Affordable rescue software that works on all devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Intake, outcome, adoptions, calendar and scheduling, and reporting, plus add-ons including merge documents with signatures.
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ShelterTrack Lite and Basic
Low-cost, high-performing software for rescues and small to mid-size shelters. Intake, outcome, donations, foster, medical, and more; NO limits on computers, users, or data. And you can expand Basic's capabilities with add-ons like Licensing and Legal. $29 - $99/month.
RescueTrack and LicenseTrack
RescueTrack includes all of BASIC's features plus many more that specifically target the needs of larger animal rescues. LicenseTrack is for licensing agencies and includes calculated rates, on-line purchase and payment, automated renewals, and more. $199/month each.
The most comprehensive animal sheltering solution available. Complete operational management for high-volume animal control agencies and shelters: quarantine, cases, dispatch, enforcements, inventory, on-line sales, custom fields, employee reviews, GIS management, and more.
All packages include unlimited data, users, devices, and support/training!
Searchable attributes
E-mail animal info to anyone
Approvals for adoption, hold, and euthanasia
Batch operations (approve for adoption, schedule for vaccinations, many more)
Hourly exports to Petfinder,, and Activ4Pets
Featured pets
Photo and video upload
Unlimited associated files (PDFs, Word docs, etc.)
Behavioral evaluations with custom forms
Foster homes
FOSTER ONLY security class: only allows access to a foster's own animals
Animal Journal (complete history)
Print or e-mail animal history
Import animal data
Automatic calculation of availability dates
Automatic status change when animal becomes available
Intake: Impounds, surrenders, returns
Intake: Quarantine, owner/guardian requesting euthanasia, seizure, protective custody
Owner/guardian contact attempts
Custom intake forms
Multiple-animal intake
Kennel management
Batch-print kennel cards
Custom kennel/cage cards
Lost and found animals
Public lost and found animal entry
Moves/transfers with scheduling
Adoption Center
Adoptions with approvals, requirements, and fees
Mobile adoptions
Temporary adoption locations
Redemptions/RTOs with requirements and fees
Transfers to outside organizations (e.g., rescue)
RSS feed for adoptable animals
Success stories
Automatic notification of public "want list" animals on intake of new animal
Cremation and remains-handling
Medical Center
On-site clinic with scheduling
Controlled substances: inventory, logging, tracking
Drug-usage logging
Custom merge documents and reporting
Vaccination and spay/neuter certificates
Periodic health checks with custom forms
Medications and dose entry/history
Vaccinations with scheduling and due-date/expiration tracking
Revaccinations and boosters
Vet appointments and appointment conflict resolution
Vet visits and services, surgeries, and follow-ups
Standard services and fees by veterinarian
Veterinary exam templates
People and Companies      
Address validation and GIS integration
Complete history by address
Import address/GIS data
Mapping and directions for addresses
Contact information export
Donor merge documents with optional receipts
Mailing list export
Unlimited associated files of any kind
Distribution lists for mailing or e-mailing
Import people and contact info
Membership and renewals
System Users and Staff      
Security/access classes with custom permissions
Downloadable transactional user audit history
User audit
Milestone-based to-do lists with due dates and approvals
Granular, user-level permissions
Employee reviews with custom forms
Mobile clock-in/clock-out
Staff/volunteer time-tracking (timesheets, clock-in/clock-out, time calculation, pay periods)
Supervisor Hold
Tasks, notifications, and reminders
Issue/renew licenses and permits
License, rabies tag, and microchip information
Custom forms and documents for renewals and reminders
Calculated licensing fees by breed, species, age, geographical area, date, senior/disabled, service animals, altered/unaltered, and user-defined criteria
Inventory with ordering/receiving and shrinkage
On-line purchase and renewal
Real-time payment tracking
Requirements and compliance-checking
Ability to add new licenses or chips with outcomes
Downloadable renewal lists
Nightly automatic e-mailing of renewal documents
Directions and map for addresses
Cases and investigations
Mobile cases and dispatch
Searchable custom fields
Dispatch; calls
Call history by address
Time-tracking and statistical reporting for dispatch/calls
E-mail call summaries to officers in the field
Warnings, citations, other enforcements
Mobile enforcements
Associated files (photos, documents, videos)
Violation history by person or address
Violations with unknown violators
Documents and Forms      
Custom adoption application and contract
Custom, fully configurable forms
Custom, fully configurable merge documents
Automatic e-mailing of completed forms
Signature capture
Animal sponsorship
Batch-print donation acknowledgments and receipts
Donations Manager
On-line donations
Download financial data
Boarding fees and spay/neuter deposits
Chart of Accounts
Fee receipts with fee items and payments
Nonsufficient funds (NSF) notifications
Unpaid items log
Custom donation acknowledgments
Custom receipt forms
Inventory ordering, receiving, multi-location distribution, and auto-numbering
Inventory with shrinkage, history, and restock reporting
Invoicing (payables/receivables)
General ledger
Trap rentals and loans
Vendors, bank accounts, G/L numbers, payment methods
General and Reporting      
Current Animal Inventory reporting suite
Length of Stay reporting
Monthly and yearly Maddie's Fund reporting, including Shelter Animal Counts
Shelter calendar and scheduling
Event attendance and tracking
Send calendar events or work schedules to Microsoft Outlook
Searchable custom fields
Hundreds of reports, hundreds of styles, all customizable
Report Designers
Visual Reporting (charts and graphs)
Intake Report Designer
Dedicated mobile interface
Choose from Standard, Simple, and Mobile Views
Phone-call log
Shelter, clinic, and adoption center hours
Multiple shelters/facilities
Public Web Site      
Animal Match with instant match results
Animal search
Animals by Location
On-line animal sponsorship with real-time payment status and tracking
On-line donations
On-line license purchase and renewal with real-time payment status and tracking
Custom meta tags for search engines
Unlimited Web pages
Web site statistics and visitor/hit tracking
Lost and Found Animals
Membership and renewals
Merchandise sales
Organization/staff directory
Password-protected public user accounts

ADD-ONS: Basic, RescueTrack, LicenseTrack, and Enterprise
The features marked "Add-on" above can be added to any ShelterTrack package (except Enterprise, which includes all features) for $50/mo. each:

(1) Custom fields
(2) Legal: cases, dispatch, enforcements
(3) Licensing with calculated rates
(4) Lost and found including public entry
(5) On-site clinic
(6) Inventory
(7) Controlled substances (note: requires #6, Inventory)
(8) Employee/volunteer time-tracking
(9) Kennel management
(10) Trap rentals and loans
(11) Membership
(12) Moderated events
(13) Vouchers, coupons, and gift certificates

Pricing: Lite starts at $29/month (call for details); ShelterTrack Basic $99/mo., RescueTrack $199/mo., LicenseTrack $199/mo., Enterprise - please call.

Only available in Enterprise: *Staff/volunteer reviews   *Intake types: quarantine, seizure, protective custody, owner/guardian requesting euthanasia   *Edit tabs (title, order, content) for animal details and person/company details areas   *Boarding   *Cremation/remains-handling   *Owner/guardian contact attempts (on intake or after)   *Receipt-level discounting   *Intake Report Designer   *Custom menus by access class   *Quarantine   *Address/GIS data import   *Address validation   *Permits   *Shelter Calendar: "My employees" view   *QR Codes for animals

*ADD-ONS: Mobile Animal Rescue
Each of the following additional programs can be added to your Mobile Animal Rescue Software for $1.50 per month.

  • Advanced Intake
    Custom intake form, "dangerous animal" and user-defined warnings, rabies tag/expiration/vet, incoming status, intake source, intake location, geographical area of origination, pick-up address
  • Advanced Outcomes
    Standard outcome types include adoption, death, and euthanasia; this program adds unlimited user-defined outcomes and transfers to other organizations
  • Multiple-Animal Intake
    For litters and other groups of animals received together; enter these animals one at a time or just specify the number of males and females
  • Foster Homes
    Foster placements, returns, and reporting
  • Animal Journal
    A complete transactional history of every event for the animals in your system; e-mailable to your choice of recipients
  • Merge Documents With Signature
    A full suite of customizable, user-designable merge documents with your choice of data and design: adoption contract, foster agreement, kennel card, transfer agreement, redemption/RTO form, and animal surrender agreement