Animal Rescue Software & Mobile Rescue
Low-cost, high-performing software for animal rescues and small- to mid-size animal sheltering organizations.
  • Lite
    Simple and user-friendly. $29 - $39/month.
  • Basic
    Low cost, high performance. $99/month.
  • RescueTrack
    Flexible and feature-rich. $199/month.
Shelter Management & Animal Control Software
Comprehensive animal management and animal control with optional law enforcement and licensing programs.
  • Basic
    Easy to use and complete. $99/month.
  • RescueTrack
    Powerful and flexible. $199/month.
  • Enterprise
    Comprehensive and feature-packed. Call for pricing.
Pet Licensing and Permitting Software
Pet licensing nirvana: online purchase and renewal, calculated fees, and automatic renewal correspondence.
  • LicenseTrack
    Full-featured licensing capability, no shelter management. $199/month.
  • Enterprise
    All licensing + robust shelter management and law enforcement. Call for pricing.