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Secure, web-based & Mobile-Friendly Software for Animal Control Agencies and Shelters
Take It With You

Take It With You

Use your computer, tablet, or phone to do your job no matter where you are. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain. Compatible with all operating systems and web browsers.
Comprehensive and Complete

Comprehensive & Complete

We've got you covered. Streamline your operation with fully configurable intake and outcome, quarantine, dispatch, cases and investigations, trap, automated scheduling, and much more.
Experience and Service

Experience & Service

With 20-plus years in business, we know animal control. You will always receive friendly help from a person (not a chatbot!) for questions, walk-throughs, and staff training - anytime.

ShelterTrack Feature Highlights

Configurable Intake and Outcome
Efficiently process impounds, DOAs, surrenders, on-site and home quarantines, and multiple-animal intakes using ShelterTrack's quick-fill templates, custom forms, cage cards, and signature documents, automated receipt creation, and auto-calculated availability dates. Set approvals for adoptions or euthanasia and process adoptions, redemptions, transfers, death/euthanasia, and your own user-defined outcomes with automatic form-printing and receipt creation. Store saved signature packets and print or e-mail them to anyone anytime

Kennel Management
Multiple facilities and on- and off-site locations mean you always know where your animals are (and were). You can move or transfer animals inside or outside of your organization, set temporary adoption locations (such as a Petco store), and view complete occupancy history for any location anytime. Visual Kennel Layout shows a graphic depiction of your kennels, animals, and locations. Unlimited custom kennel cards, too, using your choice of data, text, colors, and logo.

Complete Animal History
Location and guardianship changes are tracked so you have a complete log of where (and with whom) the animal has been. All animal-specific events (intake, outcome, quarantine, medical, transfers, and more) are automatically recorded in the Animal Journal, which can be searched, viewed, and printed or e-mailed to anyone.

Animal Inventory and Batch Updates
Comprehensive current inventory reports show you which animals are where and let you perform batch operations on selected animals: vaccinate, print documents or animal history reports, add or remove adoption or euthanasia approvals, transfer, place holds, schedule animals for vaccinations or euthanasia, and more.

Law Enforcement: Dispatch, Enforcements, and Cases
Quickly open and track dispatch/calls, violations and enforcements, and cases/investigations. E-mail dispatch/call details, including complete person and address history, to ACOs in the field. Design custom merge documents for any purpose: case statements, enforcements, warning notices; collect signatures and save signature packets for posterity. Attach documents and photos to calls and cases, and use our full reporting suite to determine average response times, .

GIS Integration and Address History
ShelterTrack includes optional address validation and GIS integration. Address history, occupancy, maps, and directions are included with every address record, and you can export lists to Excel anytime. Additionally, you can e-mail call summaries to officers in the field, who can see complete history for the caller and call location (both person and address).

PCI-Compliant Payments With Real-Time Tracking
Take payments online and track payment status in real time for enforcement fines, license fees, donations, and more. Mirror your financial software's Chart of Accounts, automatically collect sales tax, and run standard or custom financial reports with downloadable detailed backup. The Unpaid Items list ensures that you collect all amounts due, prior balances or credits can be applied to any receipt, and you are automatically notified of payments returned for nonsufficient funds.

Documents and Forms, Your Way
Create an unlimited number of custom cage cards, behavioral evaluations, merge documents, and forms that can be used for any purpose (bite reports, surrender documents, contracts), and have new submissions automatically e-mailed to anyone. You can also capture signatures and auto-assign new forms to one or more employees or volunteers for handling.

Staff and Volunteer Management
Track paid and volunteer time by category with clock-in and clock-out links, create timesheets, and administer employee reviews using your own forms. Multiple custom access classes ensure that system users have access only to what you specify.

Drug Usage and Controlled Substance Logging
All drug usage is tracked and recorded, with serial/unit/lot/control numbers, dosages and units, shrinkage, and full administration and animal detail. These program tie into the inventory system, which tracks and maintains quantities on hand of each drug.

Calendar and Reminders
All due items (vet visits, vaccinations, medications, transfers, behavioral evaluations, employee reviews, and more) are automatically added to the calendar, and reminders are prominently displayed so that nothing gets missed. You can even set up checklists to ensure that your organization's processes are followed, and that each step gets handled and approved in a timely manner.

Robust Reporting and Search Capability
We have a report for that! ShelterTrack includes many standard reports (including Length Of Stay), hundreds of charts and graphs, and custom report designers that let you easily return just the data you want, in the format you need. Our "Super Search" screens have hundreds of parameters you can use to locate the records in your system (animals, people, licenses, legal, and more), and you can download the results to Excel spreadsheets.

Lost and Found
Let the public enter their own lost or found animals and optionally add any animal to your FOUND listings on intake. Post listings to your public Web site using our data feed or HTML. Drop listings automatically after a specified time period.

Trap Rentals and Loans
Traps can be ordered and entered into inventory, then checked out and returned with rental fees or on a fee-free basis. An at-a-glance display shows you the current status of all traps (out or available) and tracks specific locations when checked out.

Data Downloads
Download animal lists, contact and mailing information, medical history, scheduling items, and more from almost anywhere in the system. You can even design your own search results and download that data!

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RescueConnection Software
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